David Andrewson ~ Certified Personal Trainer & Tai Chi Instructor


David is a certified personal trainer who draws from an extensive and varied background to formulate his unique functional training style. His one on one work with clients of all ages is attentive and encouraging, and he brings a balanced level of progressive results and fun to to his workout sessions  Clients who just plain hate to exercise or are intimidated in a gym environment find new inspiration and enjoyment in increasing their level of fitness and vitality while working with David.  

Certified for more than 10 years with ACE (the internationally recognized American Council on Exercise), David is also certified with NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and holds certificates in senior fitness too.

Along with his extensive experience in strength training David has a background in martial arts and many holistic health, healing and exercise modalities that he has studied at both the Institute for Psycho-Structural Balancing and the Taoist Sanctuary in San Diego, Ca.  

Formerly David was on staff for 14 years at the SYDA Foundation, a non-profit organization focusing on yoga and meditation. It was here he honed his training techniques and teaching skills with personal training and classroom instruction  in stability ball exercises and Tai Chi for students numbering from1 to 120.  He has also been an instructor at the New Age Health Spa, teaching classes in Qigong, Tai chi and meditation. He has also worked with Westchester Medical Group in their comprehensive weight loss program.

David has studied and practiced Tai Chi since 1978 and has taught this very beneficial Chinese form of exercise privately and in classroom settings over the last 10 years.  He has had the privilege of being a student of Grandmaster Abraham Liu and Grandmaster Dr. Alex Feng.   

It is with this background that David continues his passion for helping others by developing personalized fitness programs mixing western cutting edge training with eastern holistic-oriented modalities and philosphy. These expressly tailored programs will improve one's endurance, strength, mobility and flexibility. They address the body as a whole with an emphasis on complete wellness. At the same time, David brings a focus to a clients' specific concerns with weight loss, limiting health issues, post-rehabilitation exercise and stress reduction.

David continues to train people of all ages and fitness levels.  Previously located at New York Sports Club in Greenwich, he also trains at local corporate fitness centers and Senior centers throughout the region.

"It is my intention to inspire and assist others in achieving their own optimal expression of health and vitality." ~ David Andrewson.


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