With personal one-on-one training, the benefits are immediate...


David Specializes in custom tailored personalized fitness training for all ages. Including seniors, couples, moms, kids, whole families, overworked, overweight, retired, too tired, physically challenged, stressed and those who just plain hate to exercise.

Would you like to feel stronger, more energetic, sleep better, find your clothes “looser,” find stairs easier, lift heavier, walk farther, run faster, leap tall buildings in a single bound! - or just feel better in general?

You can enjoy all of this with personalized, attentive fitness training in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Customized programs will include:

FUNctional fitness training. 

Core strength training.

Cardiovascular training. 

Weight loss. 

Muscle toning. 

Weight training. 


Tai Chi. 

Restorative yoga.

Post rehab exercise.

Senior fitness.

Bodyweight exercises.

Walking and jogging partner.


As your partner in fitness, I will help you attain your fitness goals while helping you enjoy a constant variety of movement exercises to help keep your training fresh and vital.

Be safe and enjoy progressive results at your own pace.

If you do not have equipment I can bring to your home: 

Stability balls, dumbells,  body bars, foam rollers, contour weights, ankle weights, balance discs, balance pads, power bands, medicine balls,  BOSU trainer,  training mats, blood pressure and heart rate monitors, stackable steps,  jump rope,  stretch bands, exercise tubes, mini bands, energy and enthusiasm!




If needed, I can also assist you with optimum home gym design and consultation.


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